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boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange~?

I had a really cute dream last night, in which calliope and roxy had met without sburb, and callie was going through the normal ageing process for cherubs.

Once she finally overthrew caliborn’s personality, she basically went into awkward cherub puberty which involved growing long and bony and clumsy before bulking out, and having useless feathery tufts for wings until they grew out enough. She also would spontaneously do the giant snake thing too, which I guess is the cherub version of super awkward teen boners? pff.

Either way, I quite liked the idea that cherubs start to grow the wings only after they have one dominant personality, I can’t remember if canon contradicts that but it seems cute~ also, it must have been done before, but once I mulled it over long bony teen calliope just reminded me of jack skellington (also it’s october) so I had to draw it! 

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