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My choices are:

  • Email and internet provider that randomly suspends my accounts without notice. Also takes about 10 tries before email page will load, but when it works it loads in about 10 seconds. Bonus points for doing so when I’m about to buy a low-stress game for when my energy is low and need an email for purchase confirmation.
  • Email and internet provider that promises one level of service, charges for it, yet only provides half that quality of service. Also takes 5 minutes for email page to load even when ALL OTHER INTERNET SITES TAKE LESS THAN 5 SECONDS. Bonus points for being so shitty to their employees that one of them lets us in on WHY our internet can’t handle what it says it could.

I am SO FUCKING PISSED right now.

Pissed and exhausted and now in a state where I could really use that game but, lo and behold, MY ACCOUNT IS STILL FUCKING SUSPENDED SO NO MOTHERFUCKING DICE ASSWIPE.

Is it too much to ask for a nice day where I’m not triggered, not infected with something, not sleep-deprived, and not frustrated to the point of fury? Because I’m starting to think it is and that is BULLSHIT.

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My mom found an old SD card with the missing pictures of my art. As in all of the things I’ve done that have been too big to scan (lol, almost all my studio classes’ work that wasn’t on canvas) and so I took (probably shitty) photos of them.


(just as soon as I’ve gotten some sleep)


(and probably set them up in the queue again…probably)


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Concerning brainfail and fantrolls…

It’s so effing nice to finally have enough bits and pieces together to be able to post something for my fantroll blog.

It was starting to become this vicious cycle where I didn’t feel up to posting, so then I felt bad that I hadn’t posted in so long, so then I felt worse, and felt even less up to posting, and thus even worse about it how long it was taking to have something to post.

Ad. Fucking. Nauseum.

So. Next several post on my fantroll blog are queued up. Should all be on the same day and at decent times since it’s been a while between content posts and this is setting the next part up.

Now I am going to bed and I will fuck with more posts when I wake up.

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Prolly not gonna post much of my own stuff until Monday or after as there is a family get-together tomorrow that will probably drain be of spoons and I don’t really have any spoons tonight to use on finishing anything…

So, yeah. Reblog central until the spoons find their way home. Sorry.

(but i did get the storyboard for my fantroll’s intro completed so not a total loss)

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The Artsies…it burnsssss…

Finished uploading my sketchbooks and whatnot into the queue and boy is my brain tired.

Maybe now i will actually sit down and work on that new thing with the tablet thing that i wanted to do for that other thing…




art posts will prolly slow down after last of queue is posted since it’ll all be new instead of horribly outdated

and i will now abscond the fuck out of here for tonight…today…


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